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CRYPTO EMERGENCY (CEM) is a cryptocurrency, deployed on Binance (BSC BEP-20)

  • Token
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • BEP-20
Launch Date: Feb 01 2022, 04:00 GMT
Total Supply: 187,000,000CEM
Circulating Supply: 187,000,000CEM
Decimals: 18
Holders: 77
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CEM price and market statistics

CEM Liquidity: 0.00 $(0.00%)
Check the CRYPTO EMERGENCY (CEM) liquidity, volume and data...
CEM Price: 0.000000000000 $
Market Cap: 0.00 $(0.00%)
Trading Volume for 24h: 0.00 $
Volume / Market Cap: 0.00%
Transactions for 24h: 0(0.00%)
Changes for 24 hours: 0.00%
Changes for 7 days: 0.00%


CEM now price is 0.000000000000$. A trading volume of 24 hours is 0.00$. CEM today price is up 0.00% in the last 24 hours. Token has a circulating supply of 187,000,000 CEM and a total supply of 187,000,000 CEM. Want to buy or sell CEM? CEM is available on PancakeSwap (v2) exchange.


Holders of token CRYPTO EMERGENCY (CEM)

A total of 77 token holder CEM

AddressTokens amountPercent
10xfe4dc9501fbc73d49da08de177b523ab410d6c33186,855,353 CEM99.92%
20x2eb7a6d39dd6db8ef112a68e4147a6c43f91f06c96,874 CEM0.05%
30x4829a377a0a6bd25ec08e0538437050fbd03733115,000 CEM0.01%
40x05923b0967eb7e67b778ff23655d5dc76688b3096,000 CEM0.00%
50xc33b055961dadcf48732a267b8ca2c0dfa212b5a3,310 CEM0.00%
60xdcce160fcbb9d28e2131c4392af714065aea86ad2,000 CEM0.00%
70xccb0c86d294be33ae846d5b51333950b041bd8a71,820 CEM0.00%
80x6c7cfdbc1b19dc1d71aea16fdc916e704e2e34e81,770 CEM0.00%
90x9dedfc52612a66ee8665fdb2e7584f0c21869f1a1,330 CEM0.00%
100x2d6fea68649934bbaff9d2217c5baaefe7bdcba71,190 CEM0.00%
110x488802f4ec0ea83966279634c4a3fdfcf68028141,111 CEM0.00%
120xf34a54a0a43801ede42607c87379112e9462d6dd1,020 CEM0.00%
130xd88d198d074118e03b67f5241cf8479f1a37bcf11,000 CEM0.00%
140xdc8d9fa1a99f7bbf49352e61979a1970ac1a72281,000 CEM0.00%
150x2e0768797d567a6470c0cee6754c1f4e3e470aca1,000 CEM0.00%
160x81e7f2e43765e667de39edc113efc53b3b3629f4700 CEM0.00%
170xe782597d3d11af32ecfc3ce9c7cd147dc3621c30700 CEM0.00%
180xc5f6d0cec28a22932d2db738a5866de759b72b53610 CEM0.00%
190xb80078431c31d274aaae9055e679cb23cf01d0b9608 CEM0.00%
20Burn Address595 CEM0.00%
210x173fb63b6341819f89a113ac31de64a2c83cb12f531 CEM0.00%
220xfe414b274b6a2435a8e8d57a333a708f38436ace500 CEM0.00%
230xa986f99fb53be816a623be7cd87fb13a24ce945f500 CEM0.00%
240xefcabb5efef27646694397281585fa6952fa6c55490 CEM0.00%
250x8e6a91adb75f250befc4c83316c06bbb2c5f99e8457 CEM0.00%
260x0b3521f3c4b826be77d9d7415094256af0dc6210450 CEM0.00%
270x3b35ffc8c9107750502737ca6e0eb67923833b5f431 CEM0.00%
280x93ceb02edcfb94b663f81d7f2d01c9b81bb596fa400 CEM0.00%
290x3d87a7b13b37dd6653564be3f8f683ecb47adc4c300 CEM0.00%
300x26eb2c613fd3609c2bcefba9885dc955c45fadc1250 CEM0.00%
310x137500845f930cba61e205d40e9630c4f2616a3b250 CEM0.00%
320x65ee6cfcdbc701b1f4b8da2bd4135695e1c08f23224 CEM0.00%
330xa7f41fe54e6f630c85b387deb53383c6b27b9f45200 CEM0.00%
340x78896ee9ab5f6a699688564f34479625a0e9b4f3200 CEM0.00%
350xe81dc15d35abbffe209f4dbceba6624b55b24f06195 CEM0.00%
360xc751f631778234e1ad7c046ecabfd187927e547e160 CEM0.00%
370xf814a9cc646d6b84b8b55044a1bdb8a4eeef89b0153 CEM0.00%
380x4519c4fdda24240034dcc2ab8efee7f143f128e7150 CEM0.00%
390xd9a9531f72b96b569c0cf85d7d4274c10544134b130 CEM0.00%
400xfe08e11c5731bae9964ab32ac4a3fdf000abd33c128 CEM0.00%
410x11f96b4f0fe01b17f3211ec6a76acb56debe32a5116 CEM0.00%
420x8f1ac51cd3582c3b5a53f7eb04e7445cdc9d7662100 CEM0.00%
430xf0d9a0ee0ff6c6fc18ec4df6a96bdbed37927712100 CEM0.00%
440xecd7e24040519f158e06c30bdde075e9ea5c5320100 CEM0.00%
450xd63c02101ca73faa867adc508b8d32c8323097cc95 CEM0.00%
460x22e8b939df4b294bb7c91e415af1c3ca175907fa44 CEM0.00%
470x44e14094f2c1c21ecbd3394225bbb78cda9931af40 CEM0.00%
480xce160aaae14d2ccc63b5e18a23395ea4ebebb2f032 CEM0.00%
490x27415a00b092220088920643b41807912e606ca432 CEM0.00%
500x0c9bb9cdde117859f8fffaf487081db8d86e0baa31 CEM0.00%


CRYPTO EMERGENCY (CEM) token listings at exchanges

Exchange Last price Listing date
PancakeSwap (v2) logoPancakeSwap (v2)0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00
Mdex logoMdex0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00
BSCswap logoBSCswap0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00
Anyswap logoAnyswap0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00
BSCStation Swap logoBSCStation Swap0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00
CheeseSwap logoCheeseSwap0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00
O3swap logoO3swap0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00
Bscex logoBscex0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00
Autofarm logoAutofarm0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00
ApeSwap logoApeSwap0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00
BakerySwap logoBakerySwap0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00
Biswap logoBiswap0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00
1Inch Network (BSC) logo1Inch Network (BSC)0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00
ParaSwap BSC logoParaSwap BSC0.000000000000Feb 01 2022 04:00


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