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Manchester City Fan Token (CITY)

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Manchester City Fan Token (CITY) is a cryptocurrency, deployed on Binance (BSC BEP-20)

  • Token
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • BEP-20
Launch Date: Dec 05 2021, 12:32 GMT
Total Supply: 1,000,000CITY
Circulating Supply: 1,000,000CITY
Decimals: 18
Holders: 100
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CITY price and market statistics

CITY Liquidity: 0.00 $(0.00%)
Check the Manchester City Fan Token (CITY) liquidity, volume and data...
CITY Price: 0.000000000000 $
Market Cap: 0.00 $(0.00%)
Trading Volume for 24h: 0.00 $
Volume / Market Cap: 0.00%
Transactions for 24h: 0(0.00%)
Changes for 24 hours: 0.00%
Changes for 7 days: 0.00%

Manchester City Fan Token (CITY) coin data

CITY now price is 0.000000000000$. A trading volume of 24 hours is 0.00$. CITY today price is up 0.00% in the last 24 hours. Token has a circulating supply of 1,000,000 CITY and a total supply of 1,000,000 CITY. Want to buy or sell CITY? CITY is available on PancakeSwap (v2) exchange.

Manchester City Fan Token (CITY) chart

Holders of token Manchester City Fan Token (CITY)

A total of 100 token holder CITY

AddressTokens amountPercent
10x146237b1475b8d59f86abc503dc8ad5828c2a8a41,545 CITY0.15%
20xc70ce507cdbd77c74ef36452dfb9ab700a93220f662 CITY0.07%
30xb40ce5f99f3229a4659c26805ee76162ecb3fa59656 CITY0.07%
40x37c67df06ca099c55a28c73c5761af81f362fb5b605 CITY0.06%
50x5101edabdb4ddc591e09063327f5fa7264522e30421 CITY0.04%
60x710e1370c3be7c2abc208e150b25cdf15a5f4fc2400 CITY0.04%
70x73f9274fc6cd183f5f1b0ad131b225831b531364251 CITY0.03%
80x8b3fc08fcb0b255b1f5a2b816c1997ea600562b4185 CITY0.02%
90xce05e002f84e782f94d26e16c6a33d424ceb3f6a151 CITY0.02%
100x33732af140f74835577973720a7422be8cdac0a8151 CITY0.02%
110x983fd20bc43f0c8d01fe4e9c17b2decf46151ad9104 CITY0.01%
120x2ff66cf6a6cf56de4f31342433d576c5e76c336b101 CITY0.01%
130xcfb4fe55dd5bf5a69496764fe92b76f0f08cb5ce95 CITY0.01%
140x58dfb3bcd1f0921008f97c547ad68a93341394ce91 CITY0.01%
150x58d4d1f80fc3b64c447315c0cba93c1650cb0abc83 CITY0.01%
160x4fc5d11fe96612cc31c19b285ab7d87a642b21fd82 CITY0.01%
170x3cbc327e76509df65f5f5bf70489e2a7bc33782c69 CITY0.01%
180xaf6acc24de3eb37f9745441a0ad1151b9cfcb38361 CITY0.01%
190x7bc694178e3ab7ac337288b641508f0f7fe2860056 CITY0.01%
200xf6d2654aa6324c72a07b0209fb51b7ce678bd0b654 CITY0.01%
210xd4293ce4ff058851ad2ba799343ac3cec8b0e18453 CITY0.01%
220x950825b824b0d2bd2a57b2763e65e7bf7b6f722553 CITY0.01%
230x0e5eca9fb8e2ccec3956ec2ef60cb03a412605cc51 CITY0.01%
240xbf84296e6d67cd4c12b34c278e12a42ae1b3d3c451 CITY0.01%
250xb1482cc9088e0ce597b43819dee10ff957cdd60051 CITY0.01%
260xc84d909cbdb158ef9e3d087f8372ec2c727ea86951 CITY0.01%
270x16ed49e2ae1d30c25a95654149a23ec3afa5269150 CITY0.01%
280xfe8b88b9964cbca46379753f31384c78df5b9e1547 CITY0.00%
290xeed3f11811e0c0f517df8127cdcb5f5d6fdc7c0545 CITY0.00%
300x6db603da38527b32298f5f832a9c34279db41dfd45 CITY0.00%
310x2bddf3c6da469e9f01ada4f37e7e594df53ee1c343 CITY0.00%
320x246def8763000634c4999692d7b6c7bc3f85332542 CITY0.00%
330xdc5cb7f23e6d199558857ec9d7033f56c232983242 CITY0.00%
340x287db18ec48990eb7e4ef600b46138c54bdbbd7342 CITY0.00%
350xa3fbf6cf972c38751997dad01228567a8583224339 CITY0.00%
360x0ca799a8305769b480ecc32ae6b893fcf41f777338 CITY0.00%
370x0ef0c81bfdacffa8ded983dad14c949076567b6638 CITY0.00%
380xa3f05231e130c37fac2f6088826f15c4ddc1350037 CITY0.00%
390xba11fa443f1bdb77ecadd53d9b6fc2e239d65a6337 CITY0.00%
400x8be3a4c853efc743af7c0cacb1dfbd55a123931f37 CITY0.00%
410xc1692c84f8753973465b2f3a27c84068b5cf621533 CITY0.00%
420x7dcf6f123549a19ef15030f8386e074e449212e633 CITY0.00%
430x362049d688183e56406648c0d20a5f07e57f4d7632 CITY0.00%
440xcc2736ef5389152febcd824e7818184a136b801e32 CITY0.00%
450xd5707eaf1e2aa02b73dbb2abb8b76523b6e9d84f31 CITY0.00%
460xb9c587f610c56470a96b779109e64feff298823d30 CITY0.00%
470xc9cf728ec894e3b7843d14cc3bfce4fdd434955130 CITY0.00%
480xd5756d63e5df0e3aca5f0e7411edf57336089fae30 CITY0.00%
490xbf21a2d0cf334c833f5525003b638b6f0227e49929 CITY0.00%
500x631ef2efff0ad595704b0865def00d94679fc74a27 CITY0.00%

Manchester City Fan Token (CITY) Trading History

Manchester City Fan Token (CITY) token listings at exchanges

Exchange Last price Listing date
PancakeSwap (v2) logoPancakeSwap (v2)0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32
Mdex logoMdex0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32
BSCswap logoBSCswap0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32
Anyswap logoAnyswap0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32
BSCStation Swap logoBSCStation Swap0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32
CheeseSwap logoCheeseSwap0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32
O3swap logoO3swap0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32
Bscex logoBscex0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32
Autofarm logoAutofarm0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32
ApeSwap logoApeSwap0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32
BakerySwap logoBakerySwap0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32
Biswap logoBiswap0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32
1Inch Network (BSC) logo1Inch Network (BSC)0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32
ParaSwap BSC logoParaSwap BSC0.000000000000Dec 05 2021 12:32

Manchester City Fan Token cost

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