Launch Date: Mar 18 2022, 17:24 GMT
Total Supply: 5,000Candy
Circulating Supply: 5,000Candy
Decimals: 18
Holders: 100
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Candy price and market statistics

Candy Liquidity: 0.00 $(0.00%)
Check the Candy (Candy) liquidity, volume and data...
Candy Price: 0.000000000000 $
Market Cap: 0.00 $(0.00%)
Trading Volume for 24h: 0.00 $
Volume / Market Cap: 0.00%
Transactions for 24h: 0(0.00%)
Changes for 24 hours: 0.00%
Changes for 7 days: 0.00%

Candy (Candy) coin data

Candy now price is 0.000000000000$. A trading volume of 24 hours is 0.00$. Candy today price is up 0.00% in the last 24 hours. Token has a circulating supply of 5,000 Candy and a total supply of 5,000 Candy. Want to buy or sell Candy? Candy is available on SushiSwap (Fantom) exchange.

Candy (Candy) chart

Holders of token Candy (Candy)

A total of 100 token holder Candy

AddressTokens amountPercent
10x2717cf58ee6fdfc7c2b91519b4370c1699437f773,181 Candy63.62%
20x476f2030a30fef5417f1bed88e014b833eb8c125745 Candy14.90%
30x25746add2c704f6b695e9751759cb2e07de18dc719 Candy0.38%
40xc460bdeb64a3036b930d54fb5dce878b1e0d6f8619 Candy0.38%
50x5f945e65b844fc47acc32343fdc544bed338e7ce19 Candy0.38%
60xb36250b724f4ae48777ebec0676c2b082b75b1ab19 Candy0.38%
70x3737cc019da0463f4813b9413122eb7a67f2861019 Candy0.38%
80x830718751f30379ca290b7edf86b91868854449318 Candy0.36%
90xfce12737d5c839205f3abbbd905f5d6e588b03cc18 Candy0.36%
100x4e481c2c9f825bd1c6b59cc9331e92d8839905c218 Candy0.36%
110x58718c0be3c3c4925a44d7ea65d17c8ad5f9089e18 Candy0.36%
120x0541c2e126ef7ca87652b2b606373a0e13e1dc4b18 Candy0.36%
130x22e8ec29000488c33cf93a5d021a7d013cb8e22017 Candy0.34%
140xa21f3ca34b605ace524c8322e9ba6fcf3589a02117 Candy0.34%
150x2909724189e713e97ac423df928d64f982bdb80a17 Candy0.34%
160xf4fe696be9af099d39c030e8deb663faafd6df8917 Candy0.34%
170x31537d6cde08e0bea47ee4086f9dc2a2454a0f9e17 Candy0.34%
180xba60887808d80011890d959e2d8614f1b9bc743016 Candy0.32%
190x4c9c4349a45e8d2b915f14965a3695b4fe34d9ee16 Candy0.32%
200xfa85d81dd0d2f0fb44a45a2ed2446e0bc74c1c6416 Candy0.32%
210xd278e2862d92b2d3f1527ebf53978cec95ada58b16 Candy0.32%
220xbb1acba33838aab81f53f54fb753170a4ed6c58f15 Candy0.30%
230x78038ae4d2383e1679648e688d084a550c17e56615 Candy0.30%
240x58a9d4d18356f940b6ac3b37c23dc5616d45a13615 Candy0.30%
250x3594fcc0139fd0b9705fac91ecab75418fc3331115 Candy0.30%
260x681e413fea6543c50e2f7b9b90d30b347f228d6715 Candy0.30%
270xde9b825b4956dc81df4557df3361050b3079618e14 Candy0.28%
280x6209b07ecd5eb8d35f443338a5f27dcf15d8bea314 Candy0.28%
290xafa0f25d90c7e10dd072a081cb1c79efcf4ea39314 Candy0.28%
300x0375eba3385821a48b1e4069451378c4291eb84814 Candy0.28%
310x55bd9fd07191388bf2d7ce22d7b44ae0e346a18214 Candy0.28%
320x3cf1f626595ea9bddb9557a2fb649f1828e3b7a314 Candy0.28%
330x63bc24c5eac60eaebb55e16a7f93ae872e2fa7f313 Candy0.26%
340x33e0ca202bbf010657f1f8d6b126689f97bcbfe113 Candy0.26%
350xa267544a7dbc3c0962650e0cf2a1047306cbd4cc13 Candy0.26%
360x83c9b2f3706929c5c6af2e7d80231c4979e15fac13 Candy0.26%
370x02d25499e6b781e8820f99190b8f379e1468ca2413 Candy0.26%
380x5b69dc2e17722f1adc2930d1a55177185fd8ab3012 Candy0.24%
390x9f7c1c7e53031e8864f017984471ab32b671fd4512 Candy0.24%
400x489ee5ab18ba9b6bf47ad748c7f4b9deb28bcb1f12 Candy0.24%
410xbf835669d53c5e554e6163649f91971de08e65ff12 Candy0.24%
420x5a166db88a76929bd9e4fbb8642a2358ec79bb6d12 Candy0.24%
430x062fc3a868053e99b99ac5b312cfaafdf2d6079a11 Candy0.22%
440x4bb43ebfc7325a0804211de75bdf05f6b279d37711 Candy0.22%
450xb1078e3a7f898f5560f9fd1b0adea5ecddabbebb11 Candy0.22%
460x16eeef7745e249e261bd383a4a5b48b83e664ada11 Candy0.22%
470xbd12555dd4ee0b3ce6e386e2a9789c4969eb908f11 Candy0.22%
480xf2f4208ab3e8298d339f569a41860d1a6591aea910 Candy0.20%
490x082079e9c9dcfd4de6438a45125d40859731fc1610 Candy0.20%
500x8dea55e1f878d07b3feb90d703d99aabc4ade2af10 Candy0.20%

Candy (Candy) Trading History

Candy (Candy) token listings at exchanges

Exchange Last price Listing date
SushiSwap (Fantom) logoSushiSwap (Fantom)0.000000000000Mar 18 2022 17:24
Spiritswap (Fantom) logoSpiritswap (Fantom)0.000000000000Mar 18 2022 17:24
Spookyswap (Fantom) logoSpookyswap (Fantom)0.000000000000Mar 18 2022 17:24

Wallet support Candy (Candy) on ERC-20

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Candy cost

Candy is a trending coin on Fantom Smart Chain. The current price of Candy is 0.000000000000$. You can stay updated with the price changes of Candy coin at The market cap of Candy is 0.00$.

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